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Back up yours!

February 25th, 2011 by Jordan

Today’s digi-photog is completely dependant on some form of computer storage. Those of you who know me well can attest to my abominable computer luck and because of this I backup religiously. The following happened to me recently and I thought I would share.

The old faithful PC.

This had some work that was backed up but more importantly, a ton of personal images collected over the years. I don’t use this machine much anymore and figured it was safe.

Unfortunately Old faithful contracted a nasty virus.

In the end, a reformat was necessary but what about all of those personal images? Luckily they were stored on Old Faithfull’s alternate drive. To my horror they didn’t show up and MAJOR intervention was required from Dan @ REDBELL

Thanks Dan!
BTW – you can click here to get to the Redbell FB page

If there’s anything I want to get across besides the anecdotal venting, it’s back up your pictures.
Look at your old images and ask yourself, “If I wanted to look at these 10 years from now but they were gone, would I be miffed”?
Hard drive space is so ridiculously cheap now. You can pick up something with enough space + an enclosure for around $70. Go a step further and make a backup of a backup. Think it’s crazy? I don’t anymore..

When you’re done backing up disconnect it from your computer and keep in a safe place.

That’s my shpeel!

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