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End of Summer update

August 29th, 2012 by Jordan

Hello all,

Things have been NUTZ lately and now that I have 10 minutes to spare, lets go ahead and update the blog!

Dubins Photography has picked up and moved to a new location! Now my clients don’t have to go on a legal parking spot safari (yay!!)


New Dubins in the roster!!

Baby Bella has been keeping me busy with her cute smiles, cute noises and over all cute awesomeness.

 Gear has been upgraded!

Some state of the art equipment / lenses. You would think this makes things easier for me…… Back to the Gym!

 New clients:

It’s an absolute privilege to be working with some great organizations. Tannenbaum Chat and the UJA federation have been keeping me snapping away.



Click on the links below to see more.

Chatter Magazine 1 Download Fall 2011

Chatter Magazine 2 Download Spring / Summer 2012


Looking forward to what’s next, hope you all had a great summer!!



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